I am pleased to announce that I finally have my own domain. I can now have my blog, my photography, and just about anything else I want on ONE website. Why don’t you go over there now?

Click here to see it! (This blog is now pretty much useless. Don’t bother adding it to your blogroll.)


This is the part where I’m supposed to proclaim, “HELLO WORLD! THIS IS MY BLOG! BEHOLD, ORANGES & LEMONS!”. I am supposed to introduce myself in a manner that will lead you to believe that I am the most interesting human being to ever own a blog, thus providing the incentive for you to subscribe to my RSS feed and read my every word from this point onward, eagerly awaiting new entries. I should do all of this, the proclaiming and the introducing and whatnot, but I won’t. If I did, I’d be avoiding an undeniable and rather unfortunate truth. Sure, I might fool you for a week or two, but eventually, you’d catch on.

I am not interesting. My day consists of sleeping, working, and surfing the internet. In that order. My life is not interesting. If it were a novel, it’d be the kind that you’d put down after the first few painful sentences, the kind that Borders wouldn’t even bother putting on the shelves. So why am I blogging? Because of another undeniable truth. My life is about to really begin. It sounds extremely lame and I even cringed while typing it out, but at least it’s the truth.

I’m about to go off to college, leave my family and friends, share a room with a complete stranger, learn new things, make new friends, join new clubs, gain the freshman 15, have the communal bathroom experience, explore San Francisco, get lost on one of the largest college campuses in the world, and decide what I want to do with the rest of my life. If you have any interest in reading about any of that, please join me.

I am not one for proclamations, but I will say this: Hello world. Welcome to my blog.

If you want to know who I am or why this blog is called Oranges & Lemons, read this.